Spring Mission Break!

Spring Mission Break is back! And it’s set for March 6-11, 2018.  This event is jam packed with opportunities for you.  We’ll spend the first few days in a super nice cabin building community, having fun and prepping for an incredible Disciple Now weekend.  On Friday, we head on over to Madisonville where we’ll meet our students from the Tribe at First Baptist. Then we’ll spend the weekend teaching, leading in worship, organizing and administrating games and other activities…and much much more.

Areas in which you can serve

  • In-Home Small Group Bible Study Leader
  • Worship Team
  • Set Up/Clean Up/Prep Team
  • Tech Team
  • Game Masters for Sat afternoon Tribal Wars!!
  • And probably more….

Space is very limited on this trip so please let Steven know asap if you want to be a part.

Here are some important links for you:

$25 deposit              $25 balance            Release Form

Amazing View Cabin

Other Important Details

  • Students are responsible for transportation.  Feel free to carpool.
  • Cabin will be open by 5pm on Tuesday evening.
  • Linens are provided at cabin, but you may need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding for the DNow portion.
  • Bring play clothes for the weekend.  Prepare for whatever the weather is looking like.  There is a hot tub at the cabin if that’s your thing.
  • We will have some free time at the cabin.  Bring some extra money for a meal or two out or to do something fun in Pigeon Forge…Just don’t ask Steven to ride the big wheel thingy.  We may do Breakout again too!!


Late Night Pancakes!!

Late Night Pancakes (4)

It’s one of our favorite nights of the semester.  Late Night Pancakes!  Since Lee University has Convocation next week, we mix our Monday Night Bible Study up a bit.  So here’s the simple steps you need to take this Monday:


  1.  Attend Convocation with your friends at Lee.
  2.  Load up all your buddies and drive to the BCM after Convocation.
  3.  Upon arriving, eat as many pancakes as you can, play games, and have fun.
  4.  Leave when you’ve had enough.

It really is that simple.  And it’s FREE.  So.  See you Monday night!

Brennen Henderson – Facilities Director Aka assistant to the regional manager

  • What’s your name?
    • Brennan Henderson
  • Where are you from?
    •  Lancaster, Kentucky
  • Where do you go to school?
    • CSCC

  • What’s your major?
  • What’s your position title?
    • Facilities Intern. Aka assistant to the regional manager

  • What are you passionate about?
      • History, movies, the office, politics, food, Jesus, and pretty much everything I like. I’m a passionate person.

    • What do you love most about being at the BCM?
      • The community that I get to be apart of. It’s truly incredible.

    • If you were a cloud yes a fluffy cloud what would you be?
      • A velociraptor!

    Sara Groos – Communications Intern


    • What’s your name?
      • Sara Groos
    • Where are you from?
      • Powell (Knoxville, TN) Geez!


    • Where do you go to school?
      • Lee University
    • What’s your major?
      • Public Relations with minors in Graphic Design and Digital Media

    • What’s your position title?
      • Communications Intern

    • What are you passionate about?
      • Adoption, child sponsorship, art, campfires, stationary, fluffy pillows

    • What do you love most about being at the BCM?
      • Being able to walk through the door and enter an atmosphere that simply expects me to just be Sara.

    • If you were a cloud yes a fluffy cloud what would you be?
      • A hand, so I can high five the sky

    Mercy Ward – Director of Outreach to Cleveland State


    • What’s your name?
      • Mercy Ward
    • Where are you from?
      • The Wild Woods
    • Where do you go to school?
      • Lee University
    • What’s your major?
      • History
    • What’s your position?
      • Director of Outreach to Cleveland State
    • What are you passionate about?
      • Jesus… ending modern day slavery!!!
    • What do you love most about the BCM?
      • The love and support of the beautiful human beings here
    • If you were a cloud, yes a fluffy cloud what shape would you take?
      • A feather