About Us

What is the BCM?

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) is a recognized student organization on the campuses of Cleveland State Community College and Lee University.  We exist to help students follow Jesus wholeheartedly, challenge them to build significant relationships, and inspire them to change the world.

Where is the BCM?

The BCM building is located across the street from the Cleveland State campus.  We are open Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00.  Our facility is open to all college students!  You can hang out in the living room, relax, watch some tv, play games, or even catch up on some homework.  Come over and make some lunch in our open kitchen or hang out in the foyer and connect with some friends.  We also have free wi-fi throughout the building.  It’s a great place to just hang out and be yourself.

Do I have to be Baptist?

No.  Of course not, crazy.

Contact Information

Address:   1475 Norman Chapel Road, Cleveland, TN  37312

Email:       bcmcleveland@gmail.com

Phone:      423.645.4027

Facebook:  bcmcleveland

Twitter:  bcmcleveland

Here’s a handy dandy map:


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