Thinking About Summer Missions?

Today is the day.  The day we all look back over the past year and see all the incredible stuff that happened…and maybe a few not-so-incredible moments here and there too.  It’s also a day to start looking ahead…imagining what God is going to do this next year in our lives.  We all do it.  We love to reflect.  And we all want to intentionally forge ahead.  What are you looking forward to??

For college students, right now is a great time to begin thinking/planning about how you’re going to use this next summer.  Whether it’s working hard and saving a lot of money, attending summer classes to get ahead or a hundred other options, why not consider spending your summer on mission?  There are so many opportunities, and you may never have this kind of time again!  Time that you can actually leave the country (or just your comfort zone) for an extended period and just see what God does.

sendtnmissionsTake a second, head on over to SendTN missions and check out some of the opportunities we have put together for you.  While you’re there go ahead and start your application.  It won’t hurt a thing to just throw it out there.  And the deadline to apply is closing in soon.

Our local BCM is also heading to Nicaragua May 16-23 too….let us know if you’re interested.

You might also want to check out our friends over at Ocoee Outreach for a local opportunity to serve

So.  Think and pray.  And just see what God may be up to.

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