Lots Of Incredible Stuff

School has officially kicked off.  BCM life is in full swing.  And there is a ton of stuff coming up!  Take a few minutes to browse our page and get an idea of what’s going on.

Follow Jesus  

Monday Nights – An intimate night of worship, teaching and small group time.  We’re in  a series right now called “Embracing Obscurity.”  Our friend Anthony Minutolo will be teaching this coming Monday night.  Don’t miss it.

Fall Discipleship Retreat – An unforgettable weekend in Gatlinburg.  Immaculate cabins, gorgeous views, life-long friends, intense discipleship.  This year, Bill Chastain (brother of Jennie Davis) will be challenging us to deepen our walk with Jesus.

Build Community – We’ve got some great events coming up to help you build life-long relationships.  The Great Corn Maze Race takes place on Friday, Oct 7.  You do not want to miss this super fun event.

Change the World

Family Promise – We’re all about making a difference here at the BCM.  On Sept 25, we begin our host week for Family Promise.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with 2 families as they work to transition out of homelessness.

Send Me: Missions Preview – A gathering that will inspire us to consider some sort of missions: short term, summer, long term.

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