Summer Missionary Profile: Hannah Thurmond

Summer Missionary Profile: Hannah Thurmond

Hannah Real Cover Shot

Hannah Thurmond is a sophomore at Cleveland State Community College who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.

What’s your major?

I’m currently a business major but I am still praying about what God has for my life.

Three things you can’t currently live without?Hannah Group Shot

My supportive family and friends, my Bible, and my Chacos

Three things you miss most?


Best moment so far?

Seeing the homeowners faces once the repairs on their homes are completed.

Most difficult moment so far?

Lack of communication between team members

Hannah WorkersA typical day for me looks like…

Wake up and get ready, quiet time, get on site early, a full day of work, go home, get ready for dinner, nightly activity (dinner, canvassing, block party, church service, etc.), go home, spend time with my family, go to bed, repeat.

How can we pray for you?

Strength and energy, patience, effective communication, having a knowledge of words to speak when needed and when to be quiet.

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?Hannah VBS


What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

Serving and ministering to the people of Cleveland

Hannah with kids




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