Summer Missionary Profile: Jonah Jenkins

Summer Missionary Profile: Jonah Jenkins

Jonah Opening Shot

Jonah Jenkins is a junior at Cleveland State Community College who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.

What’s your major?

Music Production

Three things you can’t currently live without?image

LOTS of water, hats and cargo shorts

Three things you miss most?

I’m still stateside, but definitely waking up past 9, staying up longer than 10:30, and regular dinner with my family

Best moment so far?

Probably meeting Mr. Rudolph, a homeowner I worked with who was 96 years old. He was spry, witty and had so much wisdom; I loved getting to share some conversations with him.

imageMost difficult moment so far?

Every morning when the 5:45 alarm goes off.

A typical day for me looks like…

Wake up, get breakfast with my team, be on site by 7-7:30, work until about 3, get dinner with the team around 5 and then head out to do further community ministry like block parties, joint church services, etc.

How can we pray for you?

Definitely just to be disciplined and finish strong this summer. It gets hard to keep the imageschedule, but every week it shows me more and more why it’s worth it. It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve been able to have in my life, but it does take a toll on you, especially physically. Prayers for discipline and strength are appreciated.

imageFast food you can’t wait to eat?

Well I’m still at home, but I definitely haven’t had my regular amount of Taco Bell this summer.

What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

Renovate houses for no charge to the owner in SE Tennessee, specifically East Cleveland, as well as hosting Backyard Bible Clubs for some of the local boys and girls clubs. Ultimately because we know giving to those who can’t give back is one of the things Jesus was passionate about, and we want to be His hands and feet.





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