Summer Missionary Profile: Sarah Mantooth

Summer Missionary Profile: Sarah Mantooth


Sarah Mantooth is a senior at Lee University who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.  Sarah has been involved with BCM Cleveland for three years now.  She is a member of the BCM leadership team and is the current Co-President of BCM at Lee.

What’s your major?

Elementary Education

Three things you can’t currently live without?image

  1. Coffee
  2. An early bedtime
  3. Hiking Days

Three things you miss most?

  1. My family
  2. People who aren’t in town
  3. Alone time

Best moment so far?

My first team was just wonderful. We connected quickly and they loved me well and that made the whole week great, but if I could only pick one moment it would be from week four. I was at a Boys and Girls Club and one of the kids got really excited after he recognized me from his time spent at the BCM with Family Promise. It was really cool to see my investment from the previous semester and the summer collide. We went up to a worker at the Boys and Girls Club who listened to everything the two of us did together a few months prior. I then got to spend the whole week with him. He kept me on my toes.

Most difficult moment so far?

It’s difficult when individuals on my team don’t step up into his or her role and I am forced into numerous roles that I am not prepared/expected to take charge of.

imageA typical day for me looks like…

They are all so different, but all of them include waking up early and usually a late evening event. If my team is working on a house we are typically there from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon painting the house and getting to know the homeowner. If my team is working at a Boys and Girls Club we are there from 9:45 in the morning until 2:00 that afternoon forming relationships and goofing off with the kids. We then have dinner together, canvas, and host block parties.

How can we pray for you?

A renewed spirit each day because most days come with challenges and can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining.

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?

I have Chickfila delivered to me on site every Monday…I just need a Starbucks runner too and life would be swell.

What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

The purpose of Ocoee Outreach is to restore, renew, and reach. Whether it is restoring a home or building relationships with the children of Cleveland we desire to share the hope that anyone can have in Jesus. We want restoration and renewal of spirits through Christ. It is as simple as that.




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