Summer Missionary Profile: Brina Lovelace

Brina is a freshman at Lee University12670467_1013309722040280_1232132667122365222_n who is currently serving with IMB missionaries in Xalapa, Mexico.  Here are some excerpts from a recent interview with her.  Enjoy.

What’s your major?

It was going to be Intercultural Studies, but after this summer I’m changing it to teaching English as a Second Language with an Intercultural Studies minor instead.

Three things you can’t currently live without?

Bible, eggs, and coffee.

Three things you miss most?

Water pressure, family, and Chick-Fil-A


Best moment so far?

After feeling for so long like I didn’t have a ministry here because there were no teams or consistent projects, I got to share my testimony with some of the friends I had built up relationships with and saw God working on their hearts before my eyes.  So I guess realizing that my life in itself is my ministry, because Jesus is the best and biggest thing about me—it doesn’t take a big ministry project to further the kingdom.

Most difficult moment so far?

Trying to adjust to difficult people and learning that I can’t love/work with them without praying .  As in, I soon realized prayer was the foundation of loving others, but I had been trying without prayer for a while and it was very hard.

 A typical day for me looks like…

On work days, it’s wake up at 7, weld, paint, sand, do whatever we need to do to build, and stop around 4 or 5.  3 nights a week, we have Bible studies with different groups at 7, so we’ll go straight there after work.13516666_1095855947118990_8682179388388778069_n

On non-work days, we will either go to the town the team will work in to prepare, go to the store to get things we need, or sometimes there’s a youth function with a church that I’ll go to.

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?

Chick-Fil-A, duh!

Please continue to pray for Brina as she serves the wonderful people of Xalapa.

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