Spring Mission Break ’16

Pause_blockIt’s  officially Spring Break!!  A much needed break.  A breath of fresh air.  A rest.  It’s the moment millions of college students long for from the first day of the Spring Semester.

In just a few hours, over 20 of our students will choose to give up some of their much needed break to serve others.   It’s something we’re passionate about here at Lee and Cleveland State BCM.  Serving others.  Changing a little slice of our world.

During the week, students will be preparing to lead a Disciple Now weekend for a local church.  They’ll spend time in God’s word, preparing studies, ice breakers, group activities and worship sessions for the weekend.  We’ll throw in a little fun from time to time too.

This weekend, they will lead the DNow for this group of incredible middle and high school students.  There will be lots of games, a few shenanigans,  late night discussions and tons of junk food.  And that’s just the beginning.  Our college students will help lead life-changing large and small group sessions.  They will lead by example.  They will love unconditionally.  They will serve.  And they’ll be super tired when it’s all over.

Will you please pray for BCM Cleveland as we make an impact in the lives of these middle and high school students?

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