Fall Retreat: The Difference 20 Minutes Can Make

BCM Fall RetreatCleveland BCM students just returned from a weekend in Gatlinburg for our 4th annual Fall Discipleship Retreat.  Nearly 50 of us gathered for a few days of intentional community, intense discipleship and a whole lot of fun.

Intentional Community

Nothing says “community” like squeezing 50 people into a couple cabins for the weekend.  We ate together, played games together, studied together and participated in meaningful conversation…together.  It was great to see groups of students gather over catch phrase and noun bucket among other crazy games.  All in the effort to build friendships.  A few minutes screaming over your friends trying to guess a particular phrase can create a life-long bond.  No kidding.  An afternoon hiking and running around the mountains is helpful in this area as well.

Intense Discipleship

While we had a ton of fun building community, our main goal was to get away and hear from God through Bible study and intentional conversation.  This year, we used Andy Stanley’s “Ask It” series.  Every day we make decisions – decisions that potentially impact the rest of our lives.  We discussed the one question that really does make it easy to make the right choice at every invitation, every opportunity and every decision in life.  As long as there is a(n) internet, you can discover this question for yourself at justaskit.org

The Difference 20 Minutes Can Make

One of the defining moments of the weekend was after session 3 on Saturday morning.  Students were challenged to find a quiet spot to sit and reflect for a minimum of 20 minutes.  The 3 questions posed were:

1.  What are the important things in my life that I’m neglecting?

2.  In light of my current circumstances, where do I need to stop spending my time?

3.  In light of my future hopes and dreams, where do I need to begin making consistent deposits of time?

The 20 minutes spent answering these three questions were life-changing ones for most of us.  Hearts were softened and pens were filling up sheets of paper with thoughtful responses.  Many of us walked away with clear instruction and a fresh resolve to make the most of the time God has given us.

Fall Discipleship Retreat 2015 is now officially in the books.  And we can’t wait to do it again next year.



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