Monday Night Bible Study Kickoff August 24th!!

IMG_0055We’re kicking off our collegiate Monday Night Bible study with a bang this year. Show up at 6:30 for some FREE hamburgers and hotdogs and all the fixins. We’ll have some cornhole, spikeball and more going on in the parking lot and enough food for your entire hall. Bible study will begin at 7:30 where we’ll have some intimate worship, large group teaching time and some time to get together with your family group where you’ll discuss the ins and outs of the night’s Welcomeweekcardbacktopic. You’ll love Monday nights. We promise.

The BCM is located right across from Cleveland State’s campus.  1475 Norman Chapel Road.  Show up at 6:00 for some pre-cookout games and we’ll even let you flip some burgers if that’s your thing.  If you need a ride to the BCM, shoot us an email: and we’ll hook you up.

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