Lee Move In Day!! (This Friday, Aug 14)

10569095_10153121507914358_2348322442627487158_nIt’s one of our favorite times of the year!  Lee Move In Day!!

We are so excited to meet a ton of new freshman this Friday.  You know the drill.  Freshman show up with all their earthly belongings…and we get the distinct privilege of carrying it all up 4 flights stairs!  But the incredible thing is that we get to make new friends…and that’s all worth it.  There is something about welcoming a family to Cleveland and giving them just a little bit of support on such a big day.

If you are a local college student, come join us.  We are up from 8:45-11:45.   You can meet us and carpool from BCM at 8:30 or meet us at North Cleveland Church of God parking lot at 8:45.  Wear a BCM shirt and get ready to sweat a little!

So, Lee University freshman…bring it!  We’re ready for you.

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