Fall Semester Wraps Up With Two Great Events!

It’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and students are heading home for some much needed time away from class and studying and all that stuff.  Exams are right around the corner.  The end is in sight.  And that means things at the BCM are slowing down for the Christmas break – but not before we send the semester off in great style.

BCM Christmas Partay!   (Tuesday, December 2 – 6:30)

It’s a tradition.  We meet for dinner, enjoy some great food, fun conversation and tons of laughs.  The burning christmas-photos3questions of life are answered – like, “who has the ugliest Christmas diggs ever?” or “who brought that white elephant gift?”  We usually hang out, play some games and watch a movie like Elf.  The night is never complete without the telling of the Christmas Story!  So, show up at 6:30 for dinner, wear your best (or worst) Christmas get-up and bring a white elephant gift to exchange (<$10).  You can bring a side or a drink to share for dinner and we’ll also take donations to help buy Christmas presents for a family of four that we have adopted for the season.

Christmas Coffehouse (Friday, Dec 5 – 7:30)

coffeehouse imageHere it is! Christmas music. Coffee. Community. Join us at the BCM across from Cleveland State for our annual Christmas Coffeehouse. Several local artists will be here performing some of the best Christmas music around. We’ll have plenty of fresh brewed coffee and home-made desserts to top it off.

It will be a great way to relax and take a break from exams for a few hours. The atmosphere is warm and time with friends is sweet.  And of course, it’s free.  But bring a donation so we can buy Christmas gifts for a family of four that we have adopted for Christmas!  Featured Artists include Grace Green, Justin & James, Elijah West and Others.  

So, there it is.  A great end to a great semester.  Hope you can join us for these fun events in BCM life.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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