Fall Discipleship Retreat 2014

Leaves are falling, jackets are being pulled from the attic, pumpkin spice lattes make their annual appearance, and the BCM, once again, rears up for Fall Discipleship Retreat. Around 30 students from Cleveland State and Lee University come together for a weekend of fellowship and spiritual growth. A cabin in the mountains is perfect for the weekend, supplying cool weather and a chance to get to know one another in a very personal setting.

ad8e0eec-a4e7-4789-aaa3-2aa43242dada.1During these three days, students have the opportunity to learn together as they dive into Scripture as a group and individually. Some of our favorite games will be played—spike ball, spoons,cards, etc.—to make our time there complete. No doubt that memories will be made on the Retreat of ‘14 to last a lifetime.

We are really excited, and ask you to join us in prayer for this coming retreat. We continue to strive for further and deeper unification, and are seeking God’s voice. We pray that He be revealed in a powerful way. Please also pray for traveling safety.

If you would like more information, please email us at bcmcleveland@gmail.com.

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