Lee University Student Makes A Big Difference Delivering Sac Pacs To Local Schools

Gary Pondell is a Sophomore at Lee University.  And he is making a difference.  Recently, he volunteered to help out with an incredible ministry of The Caring Place called “Sac Pac.”  It was created to care for children in Bradley County who are living in poverty by providing Pacs with kid friendly nutritious meals to students each weekend during the school year.  It is an amazing ministry.


Here is what Gary says about his experience:

The BCM has been blessed with the awesome opportunity to minister to elementary school students in our community. The Caring Place has asked for our help in distributing Sac-Pacs for less fortunate students that would otherwise go hungry on the weekends. It has been a very uplifting ministry in our community up to this point, and we hope to further progress their impact.

The last few weeks, a couple of us guys have gone over to the Cleveland State campus and loaded a van full of sac-pacs and then delivered them to five or six of the local elementary schools. It is not just a ministry to the students that receive the sac-pacs, but also a spiritually uplifting time for those that deliver. The best time we have is getting to know the different drivers that they have had to drive us around in the Caring Place delivery van. It seems we have all been called by God to work in the lives of the kids in these schools.

The best time was the week of March 20th, I got to enjoy one of the most spiritual rides to date. I learned about myself just from getting to share my story of how God worked in my life to get me to Cleveland and Lee University. And how God can take a very bad situation and turn it around for his glory. This ministry is a blessing to everyone involved in it.

For more information about the Sac Pac program or to get involved with The Caring Place, visit their website


To volunteer with any BCM ministry, shoot us an email or give us a call.

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