The Moonlight Madness Draws Nigh

To effectively run a 5k, a few things are needed.

First, you need to be in good enough shape to actually survive the race. Walking is acceptable, if you are willing to endure the looks of disgust from your fellow runners.

Second, you need the proper attire, which includes running shoes (preferably ones that have been used for things other than mowing the lawn), proper shorter-than-you-are-comfortable-with shorts, and maybe even an iPod so you can listen to your favorite tunes, instead of the dying wheeze you exude after every inhale.

Lastly, and most importantly, you need motivation. When you want to quit running and slither your way back to the couch, you have to be reminded of why you are running in the first place.

For us that motivation is missions. For the past few years we have put on this super fun 5k race at 10 p.m. to raise funds for college students to serve and to show the love of Christ to different people, whether they be across the state or across the world.

We have an absolute blast every time we do this race (last year BCM member Tyler Clayton ran the whole thing in a banana suit!), and we can’t wait to see what kind of hilarity ensues this year. With it being so close to Halloween this year, we’re expecting at least one zombie or princess to run, walk, jog, or even scoot it.


So now that you know how fun it will be, the great cause it supports, and how many calories you’re gonna burn the last step is getting signed up!

  • The race will take place Friday, October 25th on the Greenway across from Cleveland High School (at the old First Tennessee building). Registration will take place at 9:30pm, and race will commence at 10pm.
  • Day of race registration is $25; pre-registration is $20.
  • You can pre-register (recommended!) by clicking here. Upon completing online registration, you will be prompted to click a link to continue on to payment via paypal. Checks can be made payable to Cleveland BCM.  1475 Norman Chapel Road, Cleveland TN 37312.
  • T-shirt is included in payment. We just got them in yesterday and the look AWESOME.

We know that sometimes the word “race” may send shivers down your spine and make your pits flow waterfalls but it really is a lot of fun! It’s a go at your own pace race, and the key is really just to have fun.

We’ll see you Friday night! Don’t forget to bring those embarrassingly short running shorts!321238_283077428382991_967419253_n

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