Mmmm. . . what cha cookin’ this week?


If you’ve ever strolled into the BCM on a Thursday around noon, you’ve probably smelled a delicious aroma emanating from the kitchen.

Perhaps it smells of chicken, or tacos, or even a Thanksgiving turkey.

Relax, you haven’t been struck by student-driven semi truck crossing Norman Chapel road and are now standing before St. Peter at the pearly gates; you’ve simply sauntered into Free Lunch Thursday.

For over 40 years, the BCM has provided a free lunch most Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters for both Cleveland State and Lee University students. It serves as a great way to introduce students to the BCM, to make them aware of upcoming events, and, most importantly, to show the love of Jesus to one another.

Most of the meals provided for Free Lunch Thursday comes courtesy of local area churches.Over 20 congregations have prepared and served lunches in the last year.

This is an exciting semester for Free Lunch Thursday because for many, many years we have had to use old, cracked, and heavy plastic and steel chairs for students to sit in. To say they were uncomfortable and bulky would be a massive understatement. But that all changed at the beginning of the semester when we were given the greenlight to order new chairs complete with padded seats, dollies that could transport 20 at a time, and a  light frame that made lifting them easy work! The result? Happy bums and rested arms.

Free Lunch Thursday has been a staple at the BCM for over 40 years, and we intend to keep it a staple for the next 40. So please head on over this Thursday at noon, we have good food waiting for ya!

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