And it Begins. . .

Well, we finally made it; exams are over! Now it is time to head to the beach, meet up with friends and family, and just spend the next three months relaxing and not caring about a thing in the worl- whoa, wait a minute. . . SUMMER IS ALREADY OVER?! When did that happen? I was shooting off fireworks for the 4th of July like an hour ago!

Yes the old adage it true: time flies when you’re having fun. Summer may be well and truly over, and everyone is back in school now, but that also means that the BCM 2013-2014 year has begun!

As is tradition with the Cleveland BCM, the first week back to school is Welcome Week, a wondrous five day event that allows BCMers old and new to have fellowship, take part in exciting and fun activities, and meet some new friends. The goal? To show the love of Jesus with people and help them get plugged into the club that we all know and love.


Sunday kicked the week off with a concert, and what a concert it was! Jimmy Needham absolutely tore the roof off  Candies Creek Baptist Church! The songs were nothing short of musical and poetic genius, but the real treat was his testimony and speech during the breaks between songs. The house was packed, so it was amazing to see so many people worshipping together in such an intimate setting.

Monday night gave the students of Lee University the most prized gift of any college student’s life: free food. Steven Johnston, Pastor Larry Bryant, and a slew of other  BCMers including Selina Forester, Jared Broome, and Mariah Green, came to Schimmel’s Park with five cases of hamburgers and 80 hot dogs and left with maybe 10 of each! Attendees ranged from Seniors who had been involved with BCM for four years to incoming Freshman who had been in Tenn. for only a few days, so needless to say the BCM reached a lot of different people with just a simple cookout.


Tuesday night brought us to the time when it was cool to say that Tears for Fears was your favorite band; to believe in the USA hockey team; to proudly wear those leg warmers and feel no shame. I, of course, speak of the 80’s. At 8 pm the 80’s were back in full swing as people packed into the BCM building to watch one of the greatest pieces of cinema in history: Back to the Future. But before we saw Marty McFly’s mom try to put the moves on him, Steven and I hosted a little trivia game in the form of 80’s and early 90’s tv show theme songs. The battle was intense but eventually one team came out on top, scoring those Starbucks gift cards. Who doesn’t love the 80’s?

IMG_4976Thursday was the final day of Welcome Week 2013, and what a day it was! It was the first Free Lunch Thursday of the school year. The course: Stevie J’s famous chicken casserole (which is actually Hailey J’s recipe) with green beans, rolls, and brownies courtesy of resident master chief and all around Wonder Woman Cuma Bryant. A seemingly never-ending stream of Cleveland State and Lee students made their way through the lunch line to take part in the deliciousness! They must’ve really enjoyed it; there were absolutely no leftovers!

1237803_10151636317986973_2027398327_nTo close out Welcome Week, we decided to do something fun that would also make some people look like complete fools. So late night bowling courtesy of Leisure Time Bowling was the obvious choice! People who were BCM regulars and many new friends came out at 9:30pm to lace up those always-stickier-than-you’d-like-them-to-be bowling shoes to have fellowship and laugh together.

Another Welcome Week is in the bag, but I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be an awesome year to be a part of the BCM! We’ve got many great events planned-Moonlight Madness, the Corn Maze, and Family Promise week just to list a few- and we’re meeting some truly amazing new people. God is going to be challenging us through Monday Night Bible Study with the topic “Less Doing, More Becoming”, and we can’t wait to see how students and adults alike will respond.

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