Submitted by: Selina Forester, Lee University Biology Major.
Last weekend, the big brown BCM house was transformed into a miniature sweat shop for several hours. Thread, cloth scraps, and gummy snack wrappers were strewn everywhere while people sewed, cut, traced, flipped, or otherwise manipulated old T-shirts.

…Eww. Why?

Because babies use A LOT of diapers. Stay with me here.

One of our very own BCMers founded a ministry in July to provide mommas and babies in Central America with cloth diapers. To many families, two washable diapers cost as much as a day’s pay—that’s expensive. The mommas use these two diapers on their children for as long as they can, but the diapers will inevitably wear out. Only a year later, the families have to invest all that money again to buy two new diapers for each baby. It adds up.

So you know all those old T-shirts that are collecting dust and taking up space in your closet? Funny thing—those piles of clutter make great diapers. Bundled and Blessed Ministries takes those T-shirts and turns them into cloth diapers. The diapers are given to those mommas in Honduras and Nicaragua so that the families don’t have to buy new diapers. That money can be invested in more pertinent needs, such as in food or medicine.

The BCM wanted to get involved, so we hosted a collection drive at CSCC. (Thanks so much!! You guys did a great job collecting T-shirts!!) But you know just as well that we never do anything halfway.

Take a minute. Watch this video. Get inspired and join us.

For more information, visit or contact Selina Forester at

Bundled And Blessed

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