Family Promise…Best Decision Ever!

Submitted by:  Boaz Goudzward, Lee University Communications Major:


One toilet.

How can we house two families for one week with one toilet? Most families have trouble with two or three in one house!

But if there’s one thing that is the hallmark of Family Promise of Bradley County it is this: when families come in to the host location for a week and volunteers pour out all of their love on them, things that are commonly viewed as roadblocks immediately become little pebbles on the road.

We absolutely loved having the two families with us for a week! Every day and night we would come in and spend time with them, have great conversations, and even play Mario Kart with the kids for a few hours straight! I wish we had a running total of how many cups of coffee the dad had each night (I lost count somewhere around four or five!)

Last semester was the first time the BCM took part in Family Promise of Bradley County, and it’s safe to say that it was easily one of the best decisions we as an organization have made in our 45 year existence. So when the opportunity came for us to host again this semester, we immediately told Brian to sign us up!

This was a great way to get newer BCM people to get involved as well. Some had never done something like this before. They were a little hesitant at first as they did not know what they were in for, but once they get their feet wet it wasn’t long before they cannonballed in.

Some cooked dinner, others stayed the night, and a few just entertained the kids, but what can be said of all the volunteers is that we were truly blessed to be a part of Family Promise Week this semester. And we did it all with one toilet.

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