Monday Night Bible Studies!

Monday night Bible studies have gotten off to a great start!!

We’re discussing the idea of finding One Thing that we want to address in our lives this year. This One Thing is so significant that if we don’t change anything else in 2013, we will—WILL— change this.  It could be a number of things:

~A habit that needs broken

~A relationship that needs started

~A relationship that needs ended

~A discipline that needs enforced

We are also entertaining the idea that this One Thing can be stubborn; it can easily turn into a war.  It’s gonna take more than discipline and determination to overcome.  If we intend to win, it will take confidence in who God is, what God says about us, and who God has placed in our lives as wise counselors.

Winning this war takes intentionality.

And family!!  This semester, we’ve also kicked off Family Groups!  Every fourth Bible study or so, each family group will meet at the house of a couple from the community.  The couple will feed us delicious food and we’ll have our Bible study in their home.  Delicious food.  And probably dessert.


We’re super excited about what this semester holds for these family groups.  And I’m not just referring to delicious food.  And probably dessert…


But for real.  God is already working through these groups and we have no doubt that big things will happen.  So come!  You definitely don’t want to miss the excitement in the big brown building every Monday night at 7:30.  We’d love to have you.  And if that isn’t enough, there’s always free coffee.  And probably dessert.


–  by Selina Forester, Lee University Biology Major


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