About twice a semester, we host a big event called the Acoustic Coffeehouse. The free event includes live music from local artists and free coffee provided by a local coffee sponsor. Since the first Acoustic Coffeehouse a year ago, it has consistently proved to be a great way to meet new students and introduce them to BCM life. We were excited to carry on this tradition into the new school year.

ImageLon Eldridge

This past Friday night, we opened up the doors to the event and by the time the show started, we already had almost a hundred people in the building. Lon Eldridge kicked off and then As Isaac closed it out, each playing about 45 minutes of music. Both did INCREDIBLE! More and more people came pouring in through the night and the coffee kept disappearing faster and faster. Between each act, a BCM student went up and talked about the different goals and events that we have this year. All of these things couldn’t have gone better and the event was a success!


As Isaac


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