Hamburgers and hotdogs.


The BCM Cookout at Schimmels Park (located on the edge of Lee University’s campus) has become one of our annual traditions. Last year, we had a great time and fed about thirty to forty people. So we were excited to do it again this year. But needless to say, the size of the crowd that arrived yesterday was a shock to all.

One of us attempted to count how many came. But with so many groups pouring in, it became nearly impossible to get an exact number. We’re thinking 115 to 130 students herded to our cookout at six o’ clock last night. (Fact: if a campus wide email goes out with the words “free food,” the place will go nuts.) Not only did we have to go get more hot dogs, we declared a “state of emergency” and went to go get pizza as well. It was quite exciting to see!

Through all the craziness of the crowd and ensuring that everyone got fed, we were blessed to get to spend time with quite a few students. We met a lot of awesome individuals and many seemed interested in hanging out with us in future. Cannot wait to see what the rest of this year has in store!


Our buddy Jeff came to grill for us. Thanks Jeff!




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