Coffee and donuts. They’re really good.

Yesterday morning, many Lee University students took their first step into their college careers. For some it was exciting. Others, it was terrifying. And the rest of them were so sleep deprived that they didn’t know what was going on. Yesterday, we decided to join them on the first day of their journey and make them feel welcome. And what better way than free coffee & donuts?


We arrived at 8:30 yesterday morning and set up in the Ped Mall, which is where the most traffic takes place. To our surprise, people were initially hesitant to actually take up the offer of free donuts and coffee, which we didn’t even think was possible for college students. However, it didn’t take long for people to finally join in. By eleven o clock, we had given away 200 donut holes and 6 airpots of coffee (2 of those airpots were even filled at a nearby department because we ran out so quickly)! It was a great time and we met a lot of awesome students. What a great start to the semester!


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