BCM Students Raise $1,300 For Hunger


Artwork by Emily Lockman.  Emily is a student at Cleveland State Community College and active member at the BCM.

On April 28, 2012, The Cleveland BCM was transformed into an art gallery for the inaugural Starving Artists Festival, an art show with a goal of raising money to fight hunger.  Dozens of paintings, photographs, and drawings were displayed on the walls.  Easels scattered throughout the building featured more pieces of art.  Tables were covered in jewelry, sculpture, and folk art.  Over twenty local artists (many of whom were Cleveland State Community College and Lee University students) had donated pieces to the show, resulting in more than 100 pieces.   

            The Starving Artists Festival began early Saturday morning with a silent auction.  Music played, coffee brewed, and people milled about enjoying the art.  The silent auction ran throughout the day, until six p.m.  At that point, BCM students scurried around collecting bidding sheets and determining winners.  Meanwhile, the BCM hosted a cookout, guests created chalk art, and several local musicians performed on an outdoor stage. 

            Then, one of the BCM students took the stage to announce the total amount of money raised.  $1,300!  Thanks to the generous donations of local artists and the support of community members who purchased the art, the Cleveland BCM was able to write a $1,300 check to a local food bank.  An art show that fed the hungry.  The Cleveland BCM students feel blessed to have been a part of such an amazing event.  

Written by Courtney Bishop, Lee Graduate

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