Lots Of Incredible Stuff

School has officially kicked off.  BCM life is in full swing.  And there is a ton of stuff coming up!  Take a few minutes to browse our page and get an idea of what’s going on.

Follow Jesus  

Monday Nights – An intimate night of worship, teaching and small group time.  We’re in  a series right now called “Embracing Obscurity.”  Our friend Anthony Minutolo will be teaching this coming Monday night.  Don’t miss it.

Fall Discipleship Retreat – An unforgettable weekend in Gatlinburg.  Immaculate cabins, gorgeous views, life-long friends, intense discipleship.  This year, Bill Chastain (brother of Jennie Davis) will be challenging us to deepen our walk with Jesus.

Build Community – We’ve got some great events coming up to help you build life-long relationships.  The Great Corn Maze Race takes place on Friday, Oct 7.  You do not want to miss this super fun event.

Change the World

Family Promise – We’re all about making a difference here at the BCM.  On Sept 25, we begin our host week for Family Promise.  You’ll have the opportunity to work with 2 families as they work to transition out of homelessness.

Send Me: Missions Preview – A gathering that will inspire us to consider some sort of missions: short term, summer, long term.

Monday Night Bible Study Returns Tonight!

It’s Monday.  And that’s a pretty big day around here.  Every Monday night, college students meet at the BCM for an evening of worship, Bible study and discussion with family groups.  It all starts at 7:30, but feel free to show up early for some fresh coffee.1

Tonight, we’re kicking off a series called “Embracing Obscurity.”  It will be sure to spark a lot of great discussion.  We’ll also talk about BCM life, several important dates for the semester and get to know our family groups.

Next Monday, family groups will meet in host homes.  That means you’ll get to eat some home cooked food, hang out with an incredible family and study together.  Family groups are our favorite around here!

So, hope to see you tonight at 7:30!

Welcome Week 2016 – Begins Aug 28th!!

It’s our favorite week of the year.  And BCM Welcome Week 2016 is gonna be a ton of fun. You’ll have great opportunities to meet new people, build community and get the semester started off on the right foot.  Feel free to show up at any (or all!) of our events…you’ll be sure to make friends fast.  It all starts on Monday, August 29th.


Sunday (28th) – Pre-Welcome Week Pool Party/Cookout at the Lowry’s home.  For directions, text us (423-645-4027).  Festivities start at 6:30pm.  Bring your suit and a towel.  We’ve got the rest.

Monday (29th) – Cookout and Game Night at the BCM (across from Cleveland State).  6:30pm.  We’ll have some food for you and tons of games going on around the building.  Cornhole, Spikeball, Ultimate Spoons and more.

Tuesday – Happy Hour at the BCM (12-2).  Free drinks and snacks at the BCM.  Come check out the place and meet some of our leadership team!

Wednesday – It’s bowlingwithstrangers!!!  We’ve reserved a bunch of lanes at Leisure Time Bowling on Keith Street.  We’ll meet up at 9pm and bowl with old (and new) friends.  Bring someone with you and we’ll introduce you to others for a fun night of bowling.  It’s only $5 and that includes your shoes and 2 games!  There’s a rumor that we may have bowlingwithstrangers t-shirts too!!

Thursday – It’s our first FREE Lunch Thursday of the semester.  Every Thursday we serve a home-cooked meal to college students in Cleveland.  Show up to the BCM between 11:30-1:00pm and get some fresh made deliciousness.

Coffee on Campus – We’ll be handing out FREE coffee at Lee on Wednesday morning and Cleveland State on Thursday.  Come by and get some coffee and conversation!

The BCM building is located at 1475 Norman Chapel Road, Cleveland, TN 37312.  If you need a ride to any event, text us at 423-645-4027 or email bcmcleveland@gmail.com

Summer Missionary Profile: John Simmons


Summer Missionary Profile: John Simmons

John Face Shot

John Simmons is a junior at Lee University who is currently serving in the Dominican Republic with Students’ International.

What’s your major?

Health and Wellness

Three things you can’t currently live without?

People, Pica Pollo, & Siesta

Three things you miss most?John Simmons Group

Sweet Tea, Air Conditioning, & Justin Tatum

Best moment so far?

Seeing one of my participants come to know Christ

Most difficult moment so far?

Seeing medical issues that could easily be treated in the United States, but here are asecondary concern because of poverty

John Simmons InternsA typical day for me looks like…

Assisting my two site leaders with running the site while including teams that come in to serve, as well as assisting teams with experiencing Dominican culture

How can we pray for you?

Applying my experiences from here in the DR to life at home

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?

The Cheesy Frito Burrito from Taco Bell

What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

Internship with Students’ International, assisting at the Men’s Sports Site

John Simmons Sunset


Summer Missionary Profile: Hannah Thurmond

Summer Missionary Profile: Hannah Thurmond

Hannah Real Cover Shot

Hannah Thurmond is a sophomore at Cleveland State Community College who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.

What’s your major?

I’m currently a business major but I am still praying about what God has for my life.

Three things you can’t currently live without?Hannah Group Shot

My supportive family and friends, my Bible, and my Chacos

Three things you miss most?


Best moment so far?

Seeing the homeowners faces once the repairs on their homes are completed.

Most difficult moment so far?

Lack of communication between team members

Hannah WorkersA typical day for me looks like…

Wake up and get ready, quiet time, get on site early, a full day of work, go home, get ready for dinner, nightly activity (dinner, canvassing, block party, church service, etc.), go home, spend time with my family, go to bed, repeat.

How can we pray for you?

Strength and energy, patience, effective communication, having a knowledge of words to speak when needed and when to be quiet.

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?Hannah VBS


What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

Serving and ministering to the people of Cleveland

Hannah with kids




Summer Missionary Profile: Jonah Jenkins

Summer Missionary Profile: Jonah Jenkins

Jonah Opening Shot

Jonah Jenkins is a junior at Cleveland State Community College who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.

What’s your major?

Music Production

Three things you can’t currently live without?image

LOTS of water, hats and cargo shorts

Three things you miss most?

I’m still stateside, but definitely waking up past 9, staying up longer than 10:30, and regular dinner with my family

Best moment so far?

Probably meeting Mr. Rudolph, a homeowner I worked with who was 96 years old. He was spry, witty and had so much wisdom; I loved getting to share some conversations with him.

imageMost difficult moment so far?

Every morning when the 5:45 alarm goes off.

A typical day for me looks like…

Wake up, get breakfast with my team, be on site by 7-7:30, work until about 3, get dinner with the team around 5 and then head out to do further community ministry like block parties, joint church services, etc.

How can we pray for you?

Definitely just to be disciplined and finish strong this summer. It gets hard to keep the imageschedule, but every week it shows me more and more why it’s worth it. It’s one of the coolest experiences I’ve been able to have in my life, but it does take a toll on you, especially physically. Prayers for discipline and strength are appreciated.

imageFast food you can’t wait to eat?

Well I’m still at home, but I definitely haven’t had my regular amount of Taco Bell this summer.

What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

Renovate houses for no charge to the owner in SE Tennessee, specifically East Cleveland, as well as hosting Backyard Bible Clubs for some of the local boys and girls clubs. Ultimately because we know giving to those who can’t give back is one of the things Jesus was passionate about, and we want to be His hands and feet.





Summer Missionary Profile: Sarah Mantooth

Summer Missionary Profile: Sarah Mantooth


Sarah Mantooth is a senior at Lee University who is currently serving in Cleveland, TN with Ocoee Outreach.  Sarah has been involved with BCM Cleveland for three years now.  She is a member of the BCM leadership team and is the current Co-President of BCM at Lee.

What’s your major?

Elementary Education

Three things you can’t currently live without?image

  1. Coffee
  2. An early bedtime
  3. Hiking Days

Three things you miss most?

  1. My family
  2. People who aren’t in town
  3. Alone time

Best moment so far?

My first team was just wonderful. We connected quickly and they loved me well and that made the whole week great, but if I could only pick one moment it would be from week four. I was at a Boys and Girls Club and one of the kids got really excited after he recognized me from his time spent at the BCM with Family Promise. It was really cool to see my investment from the previous semester and the summer collide. We went up to a worker at the Boys and Girls Club who listened to everything the two of us did together a few months prior. I then got to spend the whole week with him. He kept me on my toes.

Most difficult moment so far?

It’s difficult when individuals on my team don’t step up into his or her role and I am forced into numerous roles that I am not prepared/expected to take charge of.

imageA typical day for me looks like…

They are all so different, but all of them include waking up early and usually a late evening event. If my team is working on a house we are typically there from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon painting the house and getting to know the homeowner. If my team is working at a Boys and Girls Club we are there from 9:45 in the morning until 2:00 that afternoon forming relationships and goofing off with the kids. We then have dinner together, canvas, and host block parties.

How can we pray for you?

A renewed spirit each day because most days come with challenges and can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining.

Fast food you can’t wait to eat?

I have Chickfila delivered to me on site every Monday…I just need a Starbucks runner too and life would be swell.

What is the purpose of your particular mission trip?

The purpose of Ocoee Outreach is to restore, renew, and reach. Whether it is restoring a home or building relationships with the children of Cleveland we desire to share the hope that anyone can have in Jesus. We want restoration and renewal of spirits through Christ. It is as simple as that.